About Us

Our Creation Story

Summit Oils came to mind when its founder's brother passed away from an opioid overdose. He figured there had to be a way to help those struggling and prevent further victims, so he started doing homework on possible solutions. During his homework, he found that CBD provided many benefits to those struggling with addiction and going through withdrawal, without any serious side effects, but that was not the only thing. He was amazed with just how many conditions CBD oil could help with and provide benefits too. 


Summit Oils was created out of necessity- relieve people from becoming victimized by addicting and dangerous pharmaceuticals. It is our dream to lead the way in providing an easily accessible supplement to not only help those struggling with addiction and withdrawal, but with all kinds of medical conditions.


We have personally seen the pain caused by harmful pharmaceuticals. Pain is not a lifestyle, reclaim your happiness and well-being, or provide the resources to help someone you love today. 

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In loving memory 

Our Mission

Restore Freedom 

Offer alternatives to addictive and dangerous pharmaceuticals by providing natural healing remedies that provide holistic medicinal benefits to help people stay healthy, happy, and live better.

Values & Vision

Transparency, Effectiveness,


These are the core values we live and operate by. Everyday we strive to provide a second to none product, while ensuring our customers are getting what they ask for- a pure, effective, and safe CBD Oil product. 


Because we are vertically integrated, we have full control from the moment we plant the seed of the Hemp plant, to the moment we send you the product. This allows us to ensure our specialized CBD products meet our high standards of quality and deliver every time you place an order. We put transparency and purity before profits.

Vision: Provide everyone with the opportunity to live the life they deserve without any unpleasant strings attached. Pain is not a lifestyle, and you deserve the best.